Nurturing leads to new customers

Turning leads to revenue through our unique online nurturing process

What We Do

We are passionate about sales in the health and fitness industry and our mission is to help fitness operators build and scale their businesses through implementing unique and intelligent sales strategies that have been proven to be effective and successful throughout the world.

Whether you’re a mature business looking to optimize performance or a recently established business looking to build and scale exponentially, we specialize in helping you build your business, scale and optimize the sales and retention of your clients.

Our services enable you to increase lead generation, achieve higher sales conversions, improve your client retention, improve client customer journey, lead nurturing and the general operation of your business.

Our Services

Sales/Lead Management

We all know, lead management and conversion can be a daunting task and having staff accountable can be challenging, which is why we have developed a ‘Sales Management solution’ where we do it for you and assist with full support to you and your team.

We nurture your leads and convert them into paying members through our unique strategies, from registered interest, trial sign-ups and all the way to onboarding new members and closing the sale. We provide services through a focus on, SMS and email to interact, engage and convert.

This service also includes CRM softwares which enables you to manage, track and keep on top of your database through discovering new opportunities and automation of reporting so that you so you can make better decisions about your business.

Sales Strategy

Our sales strategies are an intelligent approach, tailored to selling in the health and fitness industry that allows your organization's sales team to position the brand and their product(s) to target ideal customers in a meaningful, differentiated way. Most strategies involve a detailed plan of best practices and processes set out by one of our expert strategists.

Scripts & Copywriting

We can increase your online engagement by generating words, slogans, on brand language patterns and sales scripts that accompany and align with your brand.

We can craft textual content for everything from social media advertising, text messaging and email marketing by learning about the needs of your business or clients, assist in the brainstorming process, generate original content, and assist in other aspects of the creative process.

Business Consulting

Do you believe your organisation can improve its practices to become more agile in the changing market and customer environments? Are you at times frustrated in not finding experienced and pragmatic staff who understand your business and the maturity of the organisation? We can provide a brief diagnostic (with anonymous confidential interviews of all of the team) and then document -- in a compassionate and understanding way -- the strengths and areas to improve in the business. Then through collaborative discussion we agree on plans to immediately achieve improved business results and medium- to longer-term actions which will ensure sustainable substantial business results.

Sales Training

Our unique sales training is designed and customized to meet your specific needs.

Sales comes naturally to some but for most of us it’s quite daunting and difficult. We have developed unique sales techniques that are customised for the health & fitness industry. We offer sales training to our clients and their staff members to achieve optimum sales conversion and results. Your sales training can cover everything from onboarding new clients to developing their skills, setting up criteria by

which they’ll change and adapt with the market. If you can do all this, you’ll be putting together the building blocks for an unstoppable sales team.


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